For the product version "RED EDITION" with 2 years warranty on glass breakage (marked on the packaging):


Smartphones treated with HIPROTEC DISPLAY "RED EDITION" will have a 100 EUR cash back guarantee if the display glass surface breaks within 2 years from the date of purchase, once the registration has been completed and confirmed.  Should the exceptional case of a glass break happen, then HIPROTEC will refund a cash back of 100 EUR to the product buyer.

Procedure (detailed information can be found in our warranty conditions):

  1. Application: Treat your undamaged smartphone according to the instructions for use with HIPROTEC DISPLAY. The application takes about 15 minutes. and you can immediately use your smartphone as usual.

  2. Registration: Register your device on our website. After positive verification of your registration by our service staff, you will receive a warranty code.

  3. Warranty request: In case of breakage of the display glass surface within 2 years from the date of purchase of the product, please report your warranty request with your warranty code. Afterwards, send your device fully charged, unlocked and with no personal data to the HIPROTEC service hub for inspection (detailed information will be obtained as part of the warranty processing).

  4. Cash back: After a positive check of your device for possible exclusions in accordance our warranty conditions (e.g. HIPROTEC gel was not applied correctly or the device was willfully destroyed) you will receive 100 EUR.